Wine climate

Questions about wine climate?

Questions about wine climate? Our wine cellar design experts are ready to help you find the perfect wine cooling unit for your wine cellar. Tell us your style, size, budget and other wine cellar details and we’ll do the rest!



The most quietet and energy efficient cooling systems for the wall

Wine Guardian wall-mounted cooling systems have a modern and sleek design that fits perfectly with the contemporary style of wine cellars. Ideal for small and medium-sized wine cellars, these innovative systems ensure optimal temperature and humidity as well as exceptional airflow. Our Wine Guardian Through-Wall systems were recently rated the quietest and most energy efficient units in North America by the Centre for Atmospheric Research in Sciences and Engineering at Clarkson University. Wine Guardian The TTW units were 50% quieter and used 50% less energy than the closest competitor.

Wine Guardian Through the Wall

The Wine Guardian Through the Wall series consists of self-contained cooling systems that are easy to install. These systems are particularly suitable for small and medium sized wine cellars and do not require an authorized HVAC technician for installation.




Exploring Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are proudly handcrafted in sunny Portugal.

We primarily use American red oak for our wine racks. This wood species is known for its attractive appearance, which has a beautiful aesthetic appeal and ensures
Additionally, red oak is typically harvested from sustainably managed forests,
ensuring its long-term availability and environmental sustainability.

Yes, we offer customization of wood species to suit your preferences and match
your style.

If you purchase our racks through the website, delivery take up to 3 weeks. For our wine rooms, there is a production period of 1-3 months, depending on the size of the project. Good things take time, and we ensure that each product is carefully handcrafted.

All our products can be flat-packed, minimizing our carbon footprint and making shipping more convenient and environmentally friendly.

Yes, we offer a 10-year warranty on our wine racks and a 2-year warranty on our cooling solutions. We take pride in the durability our products provide.

Absolutely! We strive to meet your unique requirements. From wood selection to design customizations, we are here to deliver what you desire.

We are dedicated to environmentally friendly methods and produce all our furniture using solar energy via our solar panels, while all our products are flat-packed, minimizing our carbon footprint.

All our racks can be easily assembled without a manual and come without screws or nails.

All our shelving units are 350 × 600 × 870 mm and are designed to be combined in different configurations.

Yes, we do. We are happy to come and install everything for the customer.
Alternatively, our products can also be easily assembled.